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Thomas N. Turk, P.e.

Tom Turk P.E., Civil Engineer, Spring Branch, Bulverde

I like getting things done and delivering for my clients.  It is what drives me.  As a natural problem solver, I have a knack for improvising and clearing obstacles.  Bringing people together and creating plans are distinct talents of mine, along with providing the driving force behind successful projects. 

I am a strong proponent of fundamental processes, empowerment, and initiative.  These traits compliment my situational leadership style that is perfect for a dynamic work environment.   My style of providing the right touch of concept development, internal project oversight and attention to detail keeps assignments on track and ensures goals are met.   

My exceptional communication and client management skills have been developed and refined through many years of experience.  Accordingly, I can also use my intuition and approachability to clearly read people and situations.  This enables me to anticipate needs, respond appropriately, and help steer clients down the right path, towards their desired outcome.  I thrive in the municipal environment where public perception and politics can be challenging for most engineers. 

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