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Freeland Turk provides engineering services that cities need to meet daily needs and solve long-term problems.

We use our range of capabilities to plan and prepare for our client’s success.   

Our skills, combined with hard work, are the main ingredients Freeland Turk uses to deliver on projects and assignments, as promised. 

The results we produce improve the everyday lives of the citizens we serve.

That brings us enormous satisfaction.

ADA/TDLR Accessibility Compliance
Asphalt Overlays
Bid and Construction Document Preparation
Bid Phase
Bike Lanes
Chip Seals
Concept Studies
Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation
Construction Administration
Construction Inspection
Cost Estimates
Crack Sealing
Fog Seals

Multi-year Street Maintenance Plans
Pavement Condition Assessments
Pavement Patching
Preliminary Engineering Studies
Roadway Extension (Arterial & Residential)
Roadway Reconstruction
Shared Use Paths
Slurry Seals
Striping, Signage and Pavement Markings
Utility Coordination

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