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Gary Freeland, P.E.

Gary Freeland, P.E., Civil Engineer, Spring Branch, Bulverde

Challenging projects can be complex and confusing, and that motivates me. My diligence is inspired by the need to be right and to find the right solutions. I can shift gears and examine multiple project approaches quickly and efficiently. This effort produces a quality product that limits changes during project design and construction execution – ultimately saving time and money and keeping clients happy.

Communicating and coordinating are two of my strong points – I am a fighter and I like to win, but also want to be diligent, reasonable, fair, and honest. Listening with patience and hearing the message allows me to deliver what my clients want, not with I think they need. By maintaining this method, it keeps project relationships enjoyable and it keeps the dirty work off of my clients desks. This tactic makes working with different teams fun and exciting.

My analytical nature forces me to dog the details, to flush out all the challenges and obstacles. This proactive approach, along with recognition of client’s budgets, help deliver a reasonable solution at a reasonable cost. I work to keep everyone aligned during project execution keeping everyone on task, on schedule, and on budget.

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